PRF Injections | $1500

The Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) Technique uses the most advanced concentrate technology to generate a fibrin matrix rich in platelets, leukocytes and mesenchymal stem cells. This process results in the constant release of growth factors and interleukin cells for 10-12 days. This accelerates tissue healing and skin regenerating processes. 

This is 100% natural technique for skin and hair rejuvenation. Improve skin texture and quality. Stimulates collagen and hair restoration.

Treatment Areas Include:

Hair Loss
Dark Circles
Acne Scarring
Keloid Scarring
Wrinkles and Fine Lines
Tear Trough (Under Eye)
Deep Folds
Tissue Rejuvenation
Brown spots to the face, neck and decollete
Volume Loss
Symmetry Adjustment

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